Revival Culture News is a ministry of Revival Culture Ministries, which is lead by Pastor Iban Vermeulen. Iban was a web developer for the largest property company in Africa and worked at the fore front of many new internet platforms. He has had many prophetic words about how God will use him with the internet to communicate the Gospel and Revival Culture News is a big part of what Revival Culture Ministries. We provide PR services to events around the world. During the IT’s TIME event in South Africa we reached more than 3 Million people on Facebook with live broadcasts, reporting, photos and other videos. We have a broadcasting platform that covers all the major social media platforms.

To keep our servers and platforms running with professional services for churches and revival events around the world we ask for contributions from partners. If you would like an in depth presentation about how we operate and what we offer, you are more than welcome to request that from our office.

If you would like to partner with Revival Culture News you can do so with an annual contribution. You can stop or cancel it at anytime.

We truly thank you for your contribution to our work.

Together for His Kingdom.


CURRENTLY WE HAVE 2 OPTIONS: $10 monthly – $10 Annually

If the option you are looking for is not here, please contact us and we can email more options to you. Thank you very much for making this possible for us.

If the option that you need is not listed, please contact us.

If the option that you need is not listed, please contact us.